BA Hons in Media & Communication, specialising in TV & Film

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 8th May

This was the last part of filming my documentary, as all I was missing was Luke’s interview. I filmed it in his room as he was editing footage for a music video at the time and I felt him doing this in natural setting would be a good inclusion. I had to use another make shift tripod because I didn’t have one and I also had to ask the questions. I also set up lighting because his room was too dark.

After the interview, which was disrupted multiple times by Luke’s phone, I managed to get some good cutaways of him doing some editing. My own editing starts from here on in.


Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 6th May

Today was an eventful day. We travelled to Dudley, as I was without a production assistant again. However, we could not find the artist after an hour of searching in an area that we were not familiar with. This allowed me to get plenty of shots of the lads, with an extra narrative to follow until the artist turned up.

I used a stabilising mount for the first time today and it worked wonders as it kept my footage much more smooth. The artist eventually turned up and I was able to get every shot I wanted, including interviews and close-ups. The second artist scheduled for an evening shoot cancelled so we reach home at 8pm, 4 hours after we left our homes.

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 4th May

Today, in Small Heath, there was another music video, this time shot alone. Today I intended to only get good cutaways as I feel this was something I have lacked so far. On the way to the shoot there was an accident on the route which made us late for the music video as we had to assist the people who had an accident. It was a very saddening experienced but we kept professional and ensured the shoot went ahead. I caught good shots of the whole of KrownMedia working together, since Luke was missing last time and I also manage to get a short interview with the artist in regards to KrownMedia. Again, this shoot started at 8pm but finished at 12am.

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 3rd May

With university deadlines out the way we had a shoot in Erdington, except this was a music video. I had help from a production assistant on this shoot, who made a big difference to the production as I had a helping hand. I used personal microphones again and also a lens that could shoot well in a darker environment.

The shoot consisted of 3 locations, with two of them being interrupted by police, claiming people are complaining about noise. This shoot was stressful as only Ephraim & Leon came to the shoot and had a lot of people to deal with because the artist wanted all his friends in the video. To make things worse for me, one of two of my cameras stopped working, making my production assistant surplus to requirements for most of the shoot. There were cars, dancing and all sorts from when we started at 8pm and finished at 1am.

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 28th April

After learning from the last interview, I decided I wont film and ask the interviews at the same time again. Today I interviews Leon in a TV studio and Ephraim in an editing suite. Both of them arrived late into the day so it was a late shoot and the technicians at the studio and suites were urging me to hurry so I was under some pressure. As the university gave me a malfunctioned tripod, I was forced to ask questions and film at the same time again, however this time I made a makeshift tripod by turning a small bin upside down on a chair and leaving the camera on top

Again, I used personal microphones, as well as a Rode DSLR microphone to have a second copy of my sound should the personal microphones mess up.

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 26th April

Today I had the opportunity to film Christian Soobz, a DJ in Birmingham, originally from London, who hosts a radio set that Krown film form time to time. I decided the best place to film him was in a radio suite, as this was his natural environment when it came to his passion and occupation. This was the first time I trialled and tested the use of a personal microphone, which would later be synced to the camera footage. I was alone on this shoot and I wrote up questions to ask him beforehand. It was very difficult asking him questions and filming at the same time. The interview lasted 5 minutes, however the shoot lasted 10 due to extra cutaway shots.

Production Diary- Views & Visuals (Documentary) – 6th April

This was the first day of shooting. I knew what I wanted and I knew what was required. I had managed to get a friend with me as production assistant, since there was space in the car for once more person. I booked two camera’s, two lenses amongst other equipment, and also a tripod and slider. I was told that today there were five shoots, more or less one after another.

As we made way to the location it was not possible for me to film the journey in the car, as I was limited in space to move around. We reached the shoot and for my documentary we used two cameras. However, KrownMedia needed an extra battery as theirs died and I had to give them mine. Now I was down to one camera, however the day went on. We managed to film 4 shoots for the documentary in different locations, while also getting footage at a place where we stopped to eat. At the end of the day I came to realisation that the tripod and slider were surplus to requirements as they took too long to set up and took to much space, as well as being heavy. We started the day early at 12pm and finished at 11pm.